Song for Love

Song for Love Bathed in a shimmering light of Love, her soul leaps within her and she dances with a child’s freedom; heart swelling within her breast in a fragile gifted moment of splendor,  almost too much ecstasy for her to bear;  resting  so,  in beauty and wonder of love’s light and warmth; in theContinue reading “Song for Love”


BREATHE We exist for but a single breath in the infinity of Time.  Love breathes us and so we breathe. What we do with that love is up or down to us. Love stops breathing us and so we cease to breathe. In between each breath we have a sacred freedom  to choose to beContinue reading “RANDOM THOUGHTS”


RESISTANCE AND INSPIRATION Too scared to travel into caverns alone, she invited Love to accompany her.  Together they walked gently into the dark places and lit them up, one by one; lingering just enough for Illumination and revelation to point the way forward.  Her soul lights up, her spirit soars, tears turn to laughter.  JoyContinue reading “RANDOM THOUGHTS”


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