Too scared to travel into caverns alone, she invited Love to accompany her.  Together they walked gently into the dark places and lit them up, one by one; lingering just enough for Illumination and revelation to point the way forward.  Her soul lights up, her spirit soars, tears turn to laughter.  Joy begins a dance, revealing a secret place to dance and sing anywhere, even  in a crowd without anyone noticing.   And so she grows into the invitation to become all she was born to be.  Her light begins to shine bright. She only looks back towards healing light. Towards wisdom: to her ever brightening inner light until it shines for all to see; beginning with herself.  

Years later while struggling to move forward in sharing the story of her journey; an image of an old Cathedral comes to her.  Joining her family for Celebration there one day she found herself caught up in the splendor and time lasting beauty of the builder’s artistry and combination of nature’s sacred offerings for the purpose of a gathering place.  Memories surface of her own journey here, and she felt akin to the old building that was still a splendor to be present to even with all the scaffolding and life supports it needs to keep standing, while repairs are ongoing.  If only these walls could speak aloud the energy she senses in the bricks and wood and share with her the stories held in the cracks and silence of the Cathedral walls; it would be so inspiring she thought.   Once in awhile, in our busy lives we need a place to gather, if only to acknowledge and remind ourselves to share Love’s presence.  Believing Love is always and forever present in every breath and heartbeat; gathering with others, who can see the splendor of our humanity when we lose sight of it in ourselves sometimes; can be akin to the scaffolding and life supports for the old cathedral. Gathering with loved others provide silent support while our heart cracks and soul bruises heal.   And healing and joy are ongoing offers she chooses to be open to.