We exist for but a single breath in the infinity of Time.

 Love breathes us and so we breathe. What we do with

that love is up or down to us.

Love stops breathing us and so we cease to breathe.

In between each breath we have a sacred freedom

 to choose to be light or darkness in the cosmos.

Ultimately the choice is ours.

We live out of love and we live out of our wounds

and what we do not know.

Love breathes a healing and helping breath

The choice to breathe it in deeply is ours.

Between the breaths we breathe out

and the breaths we breathe in, we are

capable of a Great and Tender Love.

United and connected to all that is; seeming impossible yet still is.

We choose with freedom each breath we are gifted with  

to be a light in the cosmos or not.

 Love breathes us and Love stops breathing us.

In between the breaths we have a sacred and  

 holy freedom to let our unique  light shine.

A single breath allows us sacred freedom to choose;

light of love and connectedness  or indifference.  

The Choice is ultimately ours to make.

Without even one light shining the cosmos dream is incomplete.   

 We choose life with Love, compassion and unity or

we choose to  live out of our wounds.   Causing pain

 and chaos to ourselves, others and the cosmos.  All is connected.

Still, Love Eternally continues to breathe us and reach out;

 and so we breathe and choose.

It is up or down to us.

It is   never too late.

Such is Eternal love.      

  May 31 2021